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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funniest Video: Sugar?

Leticia Salazar & Josie Ayala (Our Instructional Aid)
Thanks Josie for participating in the video!!!

Our Video Projects

Our class (ESL Levels 4-7) and an evening class (ESL Level 5) worked on a video project this Fall Semester here at MiraCosta College. We recorded our students at the beginning of November and at the beginning of December. All the movies were great and the four best are...
1st Place: Co Truong & Carlos Reyes
2nd Place: Nancy Molina & Adan Perez
3rd Place: Ofelia Salazar
Funniest Video: Leticia Salazar
Enjoy the show!
PS: Special THANKS to Richard Ma who helped us record these movies :)

1st Place: Co Truong & Carlos Reyes

2nd Place: Husband & Wife (Nancy Molina & Adan Perez)

3rd Place: Grandma (Ofelia Salazar)

Funniest Video: Sugar? (Leticia Salazar)